Monday, February 16, 2009

My Valentine's

I know that God loves me. But, I believe He really likes me too. Why else would He allow me to share my life with such a wonderful woman? He has to like me.

On Friday and Saturday, Nancy and I had the opportunity to spend some time alone just being about us. I love everyone that is in my life, but none like her. Just a few things about our time away...

- the Turtle Cay was a nice place (a little noisey outside though)
- Rockefellars at Rudee's Inlet was nice
- our evening was wonderful (that is all the details you get)
- we even did a Timeshare thing (hey, it was $100 and Nancy was for it also)
- lunch at a nice pizza parlor down on the oceanfront
- movies and a little shopping
- dinner was Chick-Fil-A in the car outside of Walmart

You see, the best part is just being together. For whatever reason, many people may not get to spend that kind of quality time together. As a result, we get another date in the near future on the oceanfront (because, come to find out, that is the only place to spend the money).

Anyway, thank you Nance for a wonderful weekend and more importantly 11 years. I love you and may God grant us favor to have the best year yet, this year.

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