Saturday, March 7, 2009

Trusting God in Tough Times, Part 2

Trust God to fight your battles!!!!

I am not going to post the entire passage of scripture, but please read 2 Chronicles 20. This is the story where the nation of Israel is facing a pretty difficult battle. They are going to be going up against 3 other armies at one time. (First of all, it always seems we have to fight more than one thing at a time, doesn't it?)

The Lord spoke that the battle they were getting ready to fight was not their battle but His. Furthermore, they are instructed to STAND STILL! Can you imagine that? We all want to defend ourselves. Stand Still! You have got be kidding me! They were told that if they stood still that they would see the salvation of the Lord take place right before their eyes.

King Jehosaphat obeyed the Lord and then had the Praise Singers to lead the army of Israel the next day. They begin to sing "the mercies of the Lord endures forever". When the singing begin and the praise team, choir, and band struck the chord, great confusion overtook the armies and they destroyed each other.

What can be learned:

1) Listen to God
2) Stand Still and let God fight for you
3) Praise God anyhow!!!!
4) Rejoice in the Lord
5) Live in His victory


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howardhawkinsjr said...

great message Matt,It was very timely. God bless!