Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday's Wrap

Here is Sunday's first wrap....

We had a wonderful day. It was really hot in our meeting space, but as I often say, "I know of a hotter place."

I truly appreciate how people opened their hearts to worship an Almighty God. He is the peace speaker in our lives. God is awesome!!!

To sum up today's message, we must 1) Get out of ourselves 2) Get out of our seat 3) Get out of walls....Today we launched an area of ministry that we really have already have been doing, our Outreach Ministry. We had already been taking place in the areas of outreach as a body, but I truly believe with the leadership of Richard and Sharen Brazil, that we will be able to "Take it To the Streets" like never before in our short church history.

The Outreach Ministry Team is also is ALL OF US!!! What a great group of people that love God and truly love others. I am often humbled that God chose me and Nancy to lead this great group.

I am going to go now and chill out with my family...What an even greater blessing!!!

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