Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What is really going on?

I ask that question not knowing the answer. It is a question that I am asking God in my personal time with Him. I am just hoping that He will give me a glimpse of what is going on in our country. As we see on the news, it is evident that our nation is at a vital crossroads of sorts. The potential economic collapse is nothing to ignore nor is it anything to fear.

I am no economists, nor am I an investor at Wall Street, but obviously what is taking place effects more than the wealthiest and the large companies, but it has began to trickle down to the many services and conveinieces that we take for granted. It is causing great concern to our nations leaders and the leaders around the world.

Back to my question, the reason I am asking God what is going on, is because I also want to know how we that are lovers of God can reach those that are far from Him. My peace is in the fact that scripture says in

Matthew 6:33 "seek ye first the kingdom of Heaven and His righteousness, and He will add these things unto you".

These things are the materials things and the necessities of life. I trust fully in Him.

One thing that I believe is the fact that the stage is being set for a person, with the answers to the world economic woes, the Anti-Christ. I truly believe we are living the prophecy right now in our world. Again, that does not bring fear, because I know that I am ready for Christ to appear in the clouds and call His church home.

My question to anyone reading this, are you afraid? are you ready? If your answer to question 1 is yes and/or your answer to question 2 is no, then it is not too late. Today is your day. Just ask Christ into your heart and asking Him to forgive you of your sins. It is that simple!!! He will give you great peace, even in fearful times.

Romans 8:33 - "If God be for us, who can be against us?"

Father, reveal to your church how we can respond in these uncertain times.

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