Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Night Wrap and More

Today, completed the series, "Families of Faith".

We had our older kids stay out front as I talked about the responsiblity of the children to obey their parents and to honor their parents. Guess what? They really listen.

What really made my day was that I know that Caleb listened today. When I got home after church, he met me in the drive way to tell me that I did a good job today preaching. So, if no one else heard what was said, he did, and that makes the message a success.

Other things.....

- We had an awesome time yesterday with our Harvest Party. Moonbounce inside, it was awesome.

- The kids played a lot of, fun, fun!!!!

- The adults, fun, fun!!!

- I, again, thank God for the opportunity to pastor such a great group.

One last thing, if you are actually reading this....tell someone else about it......

Check back this week, God gave me a life lesson this afternoon....I will share it later....

Have a great week and DREAM BIG!!!

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