Monday, October 20, 2008

Today's is Caleb's Day!!!!

Nine years ago, Matthew "Caleb" Kidd came into our world. What a joy he has been to our family. It is neat to see him grow and become who he is today. I know that God has something special for him in life, but I also know that he is already special to Nancy and me.

I thank God each time his birthday rolls around because of the miracle at his birth. As he understands, he was "blue" when he was born, not breathing. As frightening as it was, prayer worked that night nine years ago.

Just like the course we sing sometimes, "when you don't know what else to pray and you can't find the words to say, just say the name of Jesus". That is what we did that night. When we quit praying, he began crying.

So, Caleb, HAPPY BIRTHDAY and always DREAM BIG!!!!

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