Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Wrap

First of all, I am sorry that it has been since last Sunday that I wrote something....where does the time go?

We had another great day today. We continue to have newcomers in our services and I praise God for that. I always look forward to meeting new faces. We had a few folks out working or taking care of other business. I always miss them.

I continued our Families of Faith series today. Today it was about the men (husbands). Messages like today really stretch me into being a better child of God and also makes me realize how short I fall sometimes. Thank God for His grace. Thank God for my wife's grace, also.

When we set out to start Great Bridge West, a key target was to minister to the family. I am greatful that we are building quality ministry that reaches the entire family. I pray that God will bring revival to our families and that He will also enable us to minister to families that are standing at the edge of divorce. God help us to bring reconciliation in fragile relationships.

The key about today's message to everyone is that we have to learn the Love of Christ, before we can truly love someone else, including our spouses.

Next week, it will be the wives turn.....until then, DREAM BIG!!!!

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