Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday Wrap

I just wanted to give a brief summary of today. It has been a busy week and my mind has been attempting to shut down.

It was great to see some new faces today. It is always good to have people respond to our efforts of outreach. We can never know when we will reach out to someone that is at the point of not knowing which direction to turn next.

Today, I begin a series, "Families of Faith", "Extreme Home Makeover" -

A few points from today:

1) Tear Down the Old House -

We can't build the home that God desires unless we rid ourselves of the old. We have to get all the junk out of our homes that cause strife and that are simply sin.

2) Build the Foundation -

We have to build on the foundation of Jesus Christ and Him alone. Establishing the proper foundation may require ourselves to change some areas of our life.

3) Build the Structure -

Walls and Roof - Protection
Kitchen - Place of Preparation
Dining Room - Place of Nourishment
Restroom - Place of Refreshing and Cleansing
Bedroom - Place of Rest
Master Bedroom - Place of Intimacy with God
Great Room - Place of Fellowship with God and Family

4) Possess the Keys

The one that possesses the keys to the house is the one that has the authority to determine who and what may come in. We must guard the door of the subtleness of Satan to sneak into our homes. We MUST establish that our home will be a "House of God".

Looking forward to great week. Until then, DREAM BIG!!!!

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