Wednesday, November 26, 2008

God wants Green Light Days!!!

You are probably asking, "what are you talking about?"....thanks for asking....

You see, my beautiful little girl, Gracie, really likes to socialize and talk alot....I mean alot....her personality is much different from mine or Nancy's....she is very outgoing and rarely meets a stranger....well, this carries over to school also....she was getting into a pattern of yellow lights and red lights because of her desire to do her own thing and talk when she wasn't supposed to, since she was talking she was disturbing others around her and preventing them from doing their work as well.....yes, that is who she is, but that does not mean that it is acceptable in those times...especially when she is in a learning environment....

So, I told her that if she would get green lights all last week and this short week, then I would treat her to something that she would enjoy. When I got home today after a half day of school, she was ready to go...she had done her part, now I had to do my part....Here is a little bit of what we did:

Her treat was bowling with just Dad and a Hot Fudge Sundae. She said that this was her "best day". Man, what that does to Dad.....

Now, of course, there is a life lesson.....

- Many times we want to talk and not listen

- While we are "busy" talking, we are distracting other from doing God's work and it prevents the hand of God of moving in our favor

- God expects us to do life His way, not our way

- God wants to reward us, but He can't because we stay on "red" and "yellow" too often

- God loves to give "Green" lights....because then he can treat us or bless us

- If we do our part, God will do His part....guarenteed

You may say I really fall short of that...I am sure we all do at some point, but we must strive with all the strength within us to get a "Green" light everyday....He is waiting to blow us away with His "treats".

So, have a "Green Light Day".

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

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Denise W said...

Great lesson. Hear's wishing you green light days ahead!!!!