Saturday, November 8, 2008

Some Saturday Thoughts

Today was a day for Nancy and I to get away and just be by ourselves for a few hours. How terrible, we want to be alone. Every couple needs to make it happen. Your kids will survive, I promise. Anyway, it didn't happen. Gracie woke up this morning with the stomach virus and was rather sick for about 6 hours. She seems to be better now. She told me she wanted to be better so she could go to church tomorrow....must be doing something right! Nancy and I will get our day another day. I still love her much!!!!

I am expecting a great time in our service tomorrow. The message is going to be a bit different. Don't miss it!!!

Met last night with Dean....Great Bridge West website soon to launch.....maybe by next Sunday...trying to get it right.

Looking forward to something I am attending this week. I will write more about it afterwards...check back to see if I learn anything

Three observations for the day:
1) Jesus really loves me to put up with me
2) Nancy really loves me to put up with me
3) Caleb and Gracie rock!!!!

Bye for now, DREAM BIG!!!!

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Nancy said...

I'm so sorry we didn't get our time today! It will happen another day! I'm so glad our little girl is feeling better...WE ARE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT! She loves Church and I'm so glad she'll be there tomorrow.