Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oy Doobie Whirl.....

You are probably saying, "What in the World?", but actually Oy Doobie Whirl really means Joy to the World. You just had to be there last night for our Leadership Christmas Party to understand. We had such a great time. That can only be expected because we have such a great team. I thank God for the opportunity to serve with such a great group of people that have a passion for God and a passion of making a difference in people's lives.

You can't go wrong with this group leading. You have to check us out if you are reading and you don't attend church anywhere. Great Bridge West is a family that is looking to get larger. There is always room for you. Come see what we are about....You will find that we are about the Savior of the World.

You may even get to hear Larry sing Oy Doobie Whirl.....maybe not though. Be blessed.


Lisa said...

Love this picture and this group of people!!

Nancy said...

We had a great time..I'm glad everyone was able to come..We are blessed to have the group of people we have on the GBWM Leadership Team..God is so Good and I'm so excited about what HE is going to do in 2009!!