Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday Wrap and More

Today our church presented "The Light and Love of Christmas". Everyone did was amazing to see it all happen and come together....there were over 40 people involved in making this happen....that is why I am so blessed to lead such a wonderful group of God's people.

We had our second largest attendance today....the number is not what is important, but the fact that over 100 people got to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. I praise God that Jesus was not just born, but that He died and 3 days later was resurrected and lives today. Thank you, Heavenly Father for the greatest Gift.......

This entire weekend was full of activity....we had the opportunity to sing most of our songs for the residents of East Pavilion Nursing Home....sometimes this is a ministry that is difficult for many, including myself, but I know that it puts a smile on the face of the residents, but even more so on the face of God....

Saturday evening many attended the Church Christmas Banquet and enjoyed some awesome food and fellowship, pictures, games, and was a great is a picture of me and my sweety....

Me and My Sweety

One final thing that I got to do for the first time with my son....attend a UNC Tarheel basketball game.....I have always wanted to go do this and I got to share it with Caleb....he loves the Heels (in basketball anyways) was really neat to see him just take it all in....he didn't say much, but watched and looked at the surroundings....I know the game is not important, (but it is ok to like to watch that also)....but what was important was that I got to spend an entire day together, just him and me...pretty awesome!!!

Have blessed week!!!! DREAM BIG!!!!

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