Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday Wrap

We had a great day today....I know I say that every Sunday, but what can be greater than getting in the presence of God.

Today, I spoke on the subject of "Do You Have Room?". Using the scripture in Luke 2 that stated that the reason that Jesus was "Away in the Manger" was because the motel was full. The NO VACANCY was flashing. How do you answer these questions?

- Do you have room in your SCHEDULE?
- Do you have room in your CAREER?
- Do you have room in your DECISION MAKING?
- Do you have room in your FINANCES?
- Do you have room WHEN NO ELSE IS THERE?
- Do you have room in your FAMILY TIME?
- Do you have room in your HEART?

Of course the answer should always be yes.....but in reality that is not always the case.

We must make room for our Savior in our daily lives. I will challenge you as I challenged GB West today.....When you wake up each day this week, start by saying, "God, I invite you into my life today."

Before I go, I want to say how proud I am of my sister, Cheryl....she has just completed her Bachelors Degree at Bluefield College. That is a feat in itself, but she did it while working full-time and raising Zachary and Hannah. Way to go, your little bro is proud of you!!!!

She is a perfect example of what can happen when you DREAM BIG!

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