Saturday, January 3, 2009

Leaving a Legacy

Today, Nancy and I attended the Life Celebration of Linda Jordan. I wrote about a miracle that God did for her here. However, she had more complications and God called her home this past Thursday morning.

Now, I did not know her, but I learned much about her today at the service. The word that kept running through my mind was Legacy. This word come to my mind long before the service began, but as I saw hunderds of people file into a rather large church sancutary. Every seat was taken, the choir seats were taken, many were left standing.

This has made me truly think about one question, What will my legacy be?. A legacy is not built by doing the things always where people can see you or applaud you, but a legacy is built by doing the small things, the things that you didn't have to do, doing the things that no one else wanted to do. Building a legacy means putting others before yourself.

I have been to a few funeral services or family visitations that simply spoke of a legacy. One that comes to my mind is that of my dad. I will never forget the seemingly endless lines of people at his visitation that continued for 3 hours. As much as I was saddened by his death, I was even more proud of his life and the fact that God allowed me to be his son.

My question to you.....Have you began building your legacy?....You see, we never know when our time will come, just as Mrs. Jordan's life unexpectedly ended. We can't change what is already behind us, but we can begin today to build a legacy that will impact the lives of hundreds of people. The greatest legacy that we can leave is the fact that we know Christ as our Savior. That has to be number one on our list. Everything else builds on that.

Leave a Legacy!!!

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