Monday, September 29, 2008

Hey Bud!!!!

Oh how I would love to hear those words from the only one that could say them right, my Dad.

Three years ago tomorrow, God decided he wanted my dad more than I needed him. It seems that I haven't talked with him 30 years, but then it seems he was just visiting 3 days ago. It still brings great joy to me as my children still mention PawPaw even though they only got to enjoy him for a little while.

I have learned over the three years that one does not get over something like missing your dad, but you learn to deal with it with the help of God. There are so many things I would love to share with him. Especially, the fact that in many ways I am like him. I love my kids, I love my wife, I love to give of myself to others, I love life, and most importantly, I love God. Thank you dad for what you instilled in me, not so much by words, but by your life. You lived it more than you talked about it.

To anyone that may read this, I just want to say that you need to love Jesus Christ, you need to love our family, you need to love your friends, and even you need to love your enemies. You never know when their time on earth will end. Don't have any regrets!

To my family (if you read this), as difficult as it is to not be sad tomorrow (Sept. 30th), be joyful because Dad has gained his reward. He is smiling and laughing, so we should do the same.

I look forward to that day in Heaven when I can hear Jesus say, "Well done, thy good and faithful servant", but right after that I anticipate hearing again,


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cheryl said...

As I sat here reading this the tears were flowing. I know how much you miss Dad. Like you somedays it feels like yesterday and others it seems like an eternity since we talked with him. I take comfort in knowing he is in a better place and he is no longer hurting. We miss his smile. He was a good example for a father. He was the Dad he didn't have to be to me and I will be forever thankful. I am also thankful for you and Phillip as brothers. I love you, Cheryl