Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Day After

I am still flying high from the Sticks Conference....I can't wait to process it all this weekend....

I had a great few hours with just Nancy....we went to the land down under and had "Outback Tonight"....pretty good food....however, still there is not steak like Ruth Chris'.....that placed messed me up....

Just another thought that I gathered from the Sticks.....

To do what God wants us to do, we must be willing to take risks. But, when we take risks, there will be times that we fail.....when we fail, we must stand up, shake off the dust of failure, learn from it, and then move up to the next place in the purpose of God.

At the host church, by there back door they had a picture that stated,
"With God, Dreams come true one stake at a time"..... I will explain what that means to me later.


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