Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The STICKS Conference

Hello from the Sticks....That is right, I am out in the middle of nowhere in Northern Ohio.

I have been to many church conferences, but this is by far the most beneficial in my life. It is perfect timing for where I am right now. When I return home, I will be sharing some things that I have learned.

I praise God that He uses so many different avenues to reach the lost....It may stretch us....but that is what God does......

I will give this one thought that God had already put in my heart, IT IS NOT ABOUT ME!!!!!! It is not about what makes me comfortable, it is not about what I know. It is about pleasing Him and following His leading as He directs our path to reach those that are not Christ followers.

Got to go, can't wait to get back to Southampton County to my field and most importantly to my family.



Nancy said...

I'm so glad you were able to go to this conference! Can't wait till you get back and tell me all about it..

Lisa said...

I read a little bit about this conference online. Looks just like what we needed. Hope you had fun. Can't wait to hear about what you learned. Be Safe!