Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday Wrap

Today, I had the privilege of doing one of my favorite things and that is a Baby Dedication. Gannon Hawk Ritter was dedicated by his parents to the Lord. It was great to have all their family with us today.

I will have to say that this was one of the toughest days that I have ever had ministering the Word...the reason was that I had one of most painful headaches that I have had in a while... however, I thank God that He helped me do it....

Just a quick summary of As A Child.... you can listen here.

Matthew 18, Jesus tells us that if we don't change to be like a child, that we will never see the kingdom of heaven...

We make our relationship with Christ difficult....but it is SIMPLE!

- We need to See as a Child
- We need to Trust as a Child
- We need to Love as a Child
- We need to Be as a Child
- We need to Believe as a Child

Enjoy life as a child enjoys life.....because it will be over before we know it.....

On a final a few hours we reach the final month of the year....December is here...

24 shopping days until Christmas....don't get so busy that you forget about the Savior of the World.

Be blessed and DREAM BIG!!!!

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