Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Be Careful...It's Busy!!!!!

I wanted to post because it has been a while....I apologize....IT'S BUSY!!!!

I am excited about the GB West Bloggers that are sharing about their lives....you can check them out here, here, and here.......oh yea, and here.....

Since the start of the month, I have already went to a:

- Children's Christmas Party

- took part in the Celebration of Mrs. Ethel Cobb's Home-going....(she was only 11 days short of turning 101 years young)....she was a sweet lady and now is celebrating with Jesus Christ...what a Christmas present

- another Christmas party tonight

- another one on Friday

- Shopping on Saturday

- and it goes on and on and on (and that is just this week)

I am sure that most everyone's schedule has similar activities added to already hectic lives. But, we must BE CAREFUL to not get so busy that we forget about Who we are celebrating...as you enjoy all the things that you have going on during this time, don't get TOO BUSY!....

It is easy to do, but we must stop everyday and thank our Heavenly Father for the greatest gift of Jesus Christ!!!!

Be blessed and DREAM BIG!!!!

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